Isaac Levien


In the last five years, I’ve had the fortune of working with an incredible range of collaborators and clients including painters, filmmakers, sculptors, poets, dancers, comedians, carpenters, game designers, and others.

I’ve composed, played, produced, and performed for and alongside opera singers, electronic producers, folk musicians, jazz bands, and avant garde groups.

Intersections and novelty excite me, but so does working in more traditional mediums. I continue to work with the old friends, mentors, and new voices in Jazz. Whether jamming with AltVs or producing the soundtrack for a Grand Tea Master’s puppet show, I do my best to stay focused on the exploration, the community, and, of course, the sound.

Explore some of my recent projects below.


Anthropocene is a multidisciplinary project examining the connection between humanity and its environment.

Altvs Trio

Music collective of David Adewumi, Ryan Sands, Isaac Levien

Untitled 1.

Film and poetry collaboration with vocalist and composer Wenceslas Ostasenko, writer and poet Nathan Savoy, and visual artist Conor Bloomer.

Trailer for the Hamblet Award winning art installation

Collaboration with composer and vocalist Wenceslas Ostasenko and visual artists Conor Bloomer and James Menz

Audio from a short film

Collaboration with composer and vocalist Wenceslas Ostasenko and film maker Anna Ostasenko